عایق بسپار نیکان

۱٫ Design of the pool:
Depending on the type of soil and restrictions on the land, the pool design is performed with the appropriate parameters in depth, length, width and slope. We implement the following types of pools:
a) Construction of pools inside the earth
b) Construction of swimming pools on the ground
c) Construction of combined pools

۲٫ Excavation
At this stage, the ground removal work is carried out in accordance with the completed design. The slope for the removal of the ground is usually exfoliated one to one or at an angle of 45 degrees. But if the type of soil is changed, it is also possible to select other slopes, if the slope is exceeded, a sheet with a larger thickness is used. The

۳٫ Leveling and excavation of soil
After removing the soil, the compaction of the bottom of the basin is made up to 90%, the movements of excavating machinery are good for soil compaction. The bottom and walls must be cleaned of any stones and sharp objects, that is, they must be removed, or a suitable volume of straw, limestone or geotextile should be used in such a way that the sharp ends do not have the ability to damage the sheets of the geomembrane. The
۴٫ Trenching
Laying a sheet relative to digging channels is carried out in parallel to the pool at a distance of 50 to 70 centimeters and at a depth of 60 centimeters, the deeper the pool, the larger the size of the bent channel to create better sheet stability. The
۵٫ Geotextile execution
If necessary, apply geotextiles, at this stage they begin to install it. If there are stones or sharp objects on the bottom of the pool, then geotextiles can not be used. In some cases, instead of geotextile, one layer of straw or limestone is used. The
۶٫ Laying a sheet of geomembrane
First, rolls with geomembrane are folded around the pool, and then they are laid out and cut. Next, the welding work is performed by an automatic device for welding plastic. The device has different operating modes, at each welding stage, two welding seams are performed in order to fully verify the correctness of the welding process. In the corners and junctions (inlet and outlet pipes must be made of polyethylene to be able to connect to the geomembrane), welding works are performed manually using a welding electrode or a hot-air blower. The
۷٫ Laying sheets in the trench
The edges of the sheet laid in the trench are sprinkled with earth or other substances. The
۸٫ Drying
All structures constructed for the storage of water must be dried in several stages. For polymer pools, dehumidification is also performed in several stages (2 or 3 stages).